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Hi, and welcome to FOODGASM! Thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Cheri and I am pretty much addicted to food. I started really cooking when I was about 19, just after I got married. (I can feel the shocked reactions through them Internets.) Anyway, after I cooked a meal for my husband and his reaction was, “Wow! This is great!” I knew that not only did I love EATING great food, but I loved being the one who MADE it too! I am not, nor do I claim to be, a great chef. I don’t have professional training (though I do watch cooking shows religiously) and I don’t know all there is to know about food or cooking in general. But I have great interest in learning all I can about different cooking techniques, trying new foods, making new foods, and perfecting recipes that I’ve found. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, and I am so in love with our food culture here. We have stuff that other parts of the country just don’t have. As you know, lots of cities have their own “Little Italy” type areas and St. Louis is no different. However, I have been to many cities around the country (as the wife of a military man) and I have not found anything as absolutely AMAZING as “St. Louis Italian.” I really believe that we have the best Italian food. It is different from every other Italian food I’ve ever had in other cities.

One thing that makes it so different is something very controversial…provel cheese. Nope, not provolone. Say it with me: Pro-Vel. It is, in my opinion, one of the most amazing things to incorporate into a dish, like ever. Now, if you’re one of those “I only eat the freshest, most natural ingredients and anything that is processed is crap” kind of people, well then suck it. Have you tried provel? I realize that it is some weird processed cheese product that immediately turns you off with the word “processed,” but good Lord, it is amazing. Then put it on a St. Louis-style thin crust pizza and you have a meal that will turn you on so much that you’d be embarrassed to be out in public eating it. A few of my other St. Louis food favorites include the following: toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake (and cookies!), Imo’s pizza, Cecil Whittaker’s Pizza, Fortel’s Pizza Den (yeah, I really love pizza), Syberg’s wings, Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard, Pietro’s Italian Restaurant, pork steak, St. Louis-style ribs, The Pasta House Co. Salad and Nonna Tucci’s Meatballs…I’m gonna stop there because I could see this going on forever. Anyway, if you’re not from St. Louis and want to learn more about any of these delicious foods that I have just mentioned, I would be more than happy to enlighten you. Or, if you ARE from St. Louis or have been to St. Louis and love the food, let me know so we can talk for hours about how awesome it is!


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